“Charity Mum” Wang Yuqiong accused of fraud

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A famous Chinese “charity” figure, Wang Yuqiong, has had new reports published on her alleged fraudulent dealings. Wang became famous several years ago when the media covered the story of her tireless journey to find her son who had been abducted by child trafficking gangs. She became a local hero, also known as the “Charity Mum”,  because of her endless philanthropic efforts, including her promise to invest 5 million yuan into a local elderly home. In 2014 she was accused of fraud and embezzling charitable funds by her former assistant, Zhao Chunlei. Wang responded by suing Zhao in the local court of Wenshan. The court heard the case in Oct. 30, 2014, but hasn’t given any official rulings yet.

Wang claimed that she received 15 million RMB in donations in 2011 from Jet Li, the famous movie star and founder of One Foundation, who was “deeply moved” by her story, but Li later denied that he gave anything in donations to Wang. According to Zhao Chunlei, Wang used her fame and Jet Li’s false donations to fraudulently obtain land and funding from the local government for her so-called charitable projects. New investigations also show that Wang was involved in several commercial projects and benefited hugely from those projects, yet she never kept her promise to build an elderly home.