CFC set to launch annual foundation transparency index

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The new China Foundation Transparency Index “FTI2022” has recently entered the stage of data observation and collection, according to the China Foundation Center (CFC) that updates the index every year. FTI2022 is scheduled to be released at the end of November, about a month earlier than previous years.

In order to facilitate the information disclosure process, the center launched the China Foundation Transparency Index FTI2022 score query system this week.

The system allows center partners and the public to check the current score of any foundation included in the China Foundation Transparency Index on the official website of the CFC. Foundations can also use the system to review the progress they’ve made in this year’s information disclosure process as well as learn more about what they can improve.

The score query system will be open from Oct 24 to Nov 4. The launch of FTI2022, likely during this year’s FTI release forum hosted by CFC, will focus on analyzing and interpreting this year’s observations, as well as subtle adjustments to the feedback gathered in previous stages. CFC also plans to explore innovative ways to engage with the public about the transparency of foundations.

A screenshot of the FTI 2022 online score query system (Source: CFC)