Beijing Philanthropy Fair 2015 inaugurated this month

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On the afternoon of November 1st  2015, the first Beijing Philanthropy Fair hosted by the Social Work Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Social Construction Office was inaugurated successfully at the Beijing Aoyao Exhibition Center. The fair will last for three days. Almost 200 NGOs, foundations, enterprises and organizations that support social welfare over the long term will appear at the fair, and announce the latest philanthropy-related projects and set forth plans for resource launching.

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On the day of the inauguration, representatives from NGOs, the government sector, enterprises and foundation partners all took the stage. The exhibition included a roadshow of public projects, resource publishing, product presentations and live experiences. A member of staff at the fair, when interviewed, explained that its purpose is to raise public awareness of the fact that public welfare services are already available for the community and families and have opened up to anyone in need.