Activity held in Changping for World AIDS Day

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On the 26th of November the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held an activity in the Beijing District of Changping to mark World AIDS Day, held globally on the first of December, and also to continue carrying forward the promotion of the “National Month of AIDS Testing and Consultation”.

The deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission, Zhou Yuhui, addressed the event and pointed out that the HIV epidemic in China is still severe, the social factors involved are numerous and complex, and the prevention and control task is very arduous. Mr. Zhou stressed the need to take the construction of the fourth comprehensive AIDS prevention and control demonstration area as a starting point, implement the “13th five year plan” for China’s containment and prevention of AIDS and the “implementation plan for containment of the spread of AIDS (2019-2022)”, give full play to the advantages of community and social organisations, further mobilise social forces to participate, and comprehensively promote prevention and control work.

The director of the CDC and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gao Fu, said that last year’s World AIDS Day activity and national month of AIDS testing and consultation strongly encouraged people to voluntarily test themselves, allowing many cases of infection to be discovered and treated, and improved the enthusiasm of the public to participate in AIDS prevention and control.

The national representative of UNAIDS, Ms. Amakobe Sande, delivered a speech stressing that society has been making a great contribution to the prevention and treatment of AIDS, and congratulating the remarkable results of the joint efforts of all parties. During the event two hosts from CCTV were appointed as the National AIDS prevention and control publicity ambassadors, and a series of performances was held, including a dubbing PK competition, a cartoon animation and a xiangsheng (crosstalk comedy) performance, all of them helping the audience to understand how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.