A roundup on the registration of overseas NGOs in China

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Since the new Overseas NGO Law was implemented in January, and perhaps since the law’s final version was released last April, the big question for most international NGOs working in China has been “will we be able to register”? The new law stipulates that every overseas NGO needs to first find a “supervisory unit” within the government, and then register with the Public Security Bureau. Many non-profits were not at all certain of how long the process would take, or whether it would end successfully.

Shanghai and Beijing were unsurprisingly the first places to start issuing registration credentials to foreign NGOs, starting in January. Then over the following months other provinces started following suit. The first NGOs that managed to register mostly consisted of chambers of commerce, business councils and other such trade-oriented non-profits. In a hopeful sign however, other more “traditional” NGOs have also started to successfully complete the registration process, including most recently the Nature Conservancy.

Down below is a roundup of all the reports on overseas NGOs registering in China that we have published since the new law was enforced. We will continue reporting on any new registrations that take place.

The Ford Foundation and other 14 overseas NGOs register in Beijing
Oxfam receives its registration credentials in Gansu and Guangdong
Heilongjiang and Tibet issue registration credentials to two overseas NGOs
Two overseas NGOs register in Shanxi
The Development Organization of Rural Sichuan (UK) successfully registers
Five overseas NGOs register in Beijing
The Nature Conservancy latest overseas NGO to successfully register
Four German political foundations register in Beijing as overseas NGOs
Four provinces issue registration credentials to overseas NGOs
Overseas NGOs successfully register in Sichuan and Guangdong
Shanghai issues registration certificates to eight more overseas NGOs
First batch of overseas NGOs receive their registration credentials in Yunnan
First 20 overseas NGOs successfully register in Beijing
First six overseas NGOs successfully register in Shanghai
First batch of NGOs receives registration credentials in Guangdong

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