A CDB Special Report: The Diversification of Public Advocacy in China (March 2013)

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  • A CDB Special Report: The Diversification of Public Advocacy in China (March 2013)

This report was originally produced in Chinese by China Development Brief’s staff: Guo Ting (Associate Editor) and Fu Tao (Senior Researcher), with additional assistance from Liu Haiying (Editor). It has been translated into English for wider accessibility. Translations and editing were overseen by Dr. Shawn Shieh, Editor of China Development Brief (English), and Amanda Brown-Inz, Associate Director of China Development Brief (English), with copy editing by Ella Wong.

Special thanks go to the following CDB (English) Translators for translating parts of this report on short notice: Fay Bermingham, Han Chen, Charlie Vest, Chris Mirasola, Ella Wong, Binxiong (Anson) Mao, Ming Lee, Andreas Dittrich, Holly Hong, Sophie Chadd, Phil Rogers, Sha Liang, Adele Zhang, Mark Lee, Anastasia Gubar, Wang Yuyang, Lewis Liu, Slavena Pevena, and Matt Perrement.


  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 The Rapid Development of Public Advocacy in China
  • Chapter 3 NGO Public Advocacy
  • Chapter 4 The Pluralization of Public Advocacy Actors
  • Chapter 5  The Diversification and Differences in Public Advocacy Methods
  • Chapter 6  Conclusion and Future Prospects
  • Appendix: Summaries of Chinese-language Advocacy Readings

In Brief

This report is not an academic study in the strict sense of the word, but rather uses selected case studies to make observations about the development of public advocacy in China over the last few years.

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