‘Internet and Philanthropy’ seminar held at CCF

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On September 18th, the special seminar, named “Internet and Philanthropy: the Evolution from New Eco-system to New Normal”, was held jointly by CCF, Internet Society of China, YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (友成基金会) and Chifu Fund Shanghai (吉富投资咨询(上海)有限公司) in Shenzhen. Guests from the government, NGOs, and the media discussed the new philanthropy eco-system at the meeting. Lurenjia (路人甲), a small and fixed amount online donating platform incubated by YouChange, became the center of attention for its excellence in social innovation and impact investment.

At the seminar, Wang Ping, director general of YouChange, delivered a speech- “Internet and Philanthropy: Creating New Eco-system and Maximizing Social Impact”. She introduced that Lurenjia is not only an online platform, but also an internet community for beneficiaries, funders, businesses brought together by philanthropic projects. She also stressed that “Internet and Philanthropy” was not merely about online fundraising and publicity. This powerful combination can lead to better allocation of resources, stimulating actions to solve social problems and create a new philanthropy eco-system.