Four characteristics of China’s response to the Nepal earthquake

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According to a report on Chinese Nepal earthquake fundraising released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA), China donated a total of 2.38 billion RMB worth of money and supplies to Nepal. The Journal of the CPPCC (人民政协报) analysed the report and summarised the four characteristics of China’s response to the Nepal earthquake as:

1. Government donations exceeded half the total donations

According to the MOCA report 55% of the fundraising contributions came from the Chinese government while 24% were from social organizations.

2. Public fundraising
According to the same report, the most popular method for donating for Nepal by public was through different online donating platforms. More than 530,000 people have donated a total of 22 million yuan.

3. Grassroots organizations’ relief efforts still need improvement
Many Chinese grassroots organizations were actively involved in the earthquake relief effort, but the report pointed out that many improvements can be made in the future. For example, these organizations mainly focused on transporting material supplies and rescuing life, but they lacked professional medical teams.

4. Chinese corporations were quick to respond
Right after the earthquake took place, many Chinese airline companies, telecoms companies and insurance companies provided quality services to help and protect their customers. According to the Journal of the CPPCC article these companies have shown great social responsibility during the disaster.