Become a CDB Translator

Those interested in translating should be advanced students of Chinese who are able to read Chinese newspapers with the help of a dictionary. We generally prefer native English speakers, but will also consider native Chinese speakers with strong English writing skills. Each CDB article goes through a three-step process. It is first translated by a CDB translator, then sent to a second CDB translator to be reviewed, and finally checked and edited by the editor of CDB (English). Reviewers will be the second pair of eyes that will go over the translation for accuracy and readable, fluid English. Our preference is to give the reviewing jobs to native English speakers.

Generally, we ask that translations be finished within one month, and reviews be finished within two weeks. All translators and reviewers will receive credit for the translations which will appear on our website.

If you are interested in joining our pool of CDB Translators, please send your resume/CV along with a brief email stating your language qualifications to Smiley Wang at