Young volunteers make big impact across China

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In a heartening display of community spirit, the young members of the Ant Power children’s volunteer group, affiliated with Ant Group in China, have been actively contributing to various cities across China. Impressively, many of these volunteers are still in primary school.

The recent reports on their activities underscore their focus on social welfare, environmental protection, and cultural promotion.

In the city of Linfen, the young volunteers engaged in cleaning local tourist sites, rivers, and nursing homes, all while organizing charity sales. Meanwhile, in Tangshan, their efforts extended to visiting children with disabilities, launching an anti-smoking campaign, and helping stray animals.

Noteworthy events included cleaning up a beach during Clean Up the World Weekend in Nanle, singing performances for National Day, and visits to the elderly living in rural areas for the Double Ninth celebration. In Guiyang, the activities ranged from park cleanups to agricultural education and accompanying seniors during shopping trips.

In Zhengzhou, youth groups presented flowers to sanitation workers and undertook park cleanup initiatives, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Meanwhile, volunteers in Hohhot organized charity sales to support underprivileged students, advocated for food conservation, and generously donated school supplies. In Shenyang, children entertained seniors as part of the Double Ninth celebrations.

The initiatives not only demonstrate the children’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also help instill values of compassion for disadvantaged groups and encourage active participation in community development.

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