Xinhua – Statements on earthquake relief from NGO leaders

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Peng Jianmei: It is extremely necessary to explore charity organizations’ internal communication mechanisms and government collaboration mechanisms

Xinhua (新华网), May 13, 2013

Xinhua speaks with China Charity Federation Vice-Chairman Peng Jianmei, One Foundation Secretary-General Yang Peng, Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Management Director Deng Guosheng about the function that NGOs play in disaster relief. Yang Peng discusses the importance of the government’s announcement that the public should donate to the organizations that they support, highlighting the relationship that has grown between the public and NGOs, and the government’s support of that development. At the same time, Yang points out that “it is a long-term marathon, a lifelong marathon” meeting the high expectations of the public, and will challenge organizations to focus on their own capacity development and transparency. Peng Jianmei speaks about the government’s decision to limit its role, allowing NGOs like the One Foundation to professionalize and collaborate with the government. Peng also recommends the development of more clear mechanisms for communication between the government and NGOs, and for united efforts among NGOs.

Summary by Amanda Brown-Inz. See Article for full text. (Chinese)

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