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Is public welfare and society keeping in step with each other?
By Yao Yao 姚遥, Jing Bao 晶报October 21, 2013
The One Foundation’s Yao Yao discusses whether Chinese social values and objectives are in-line with the aspirations of its growing NGO-sector. Yao forms his discussion around data that shows that the Chinese public is inclined to donate heavily only after a national disaster. (Chinese)
Deng Fei’s success can be attributed to the subjectivities of public welfare NGO work
By Kou Zhuqing 寇竹卿, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, October 21, 2013
Social entrepreneur Deng Fei, famous for setting up the ‘Free Lunch’ scheme, has recently won a number of awards. This article analyses the example that he sets to today’s youth, discussing how he has worked with the government organisations whilst remaining independent. (Chinese)
China’s active meteorological, environmental and ecological NGO’s: providing reliable assistance to combatting climate change
By Duan Haoshu 段昊书, China Meteorological Office 中国气象报社, October 22, 2013
Article by the state-run China Meterological Association that praises the contributions of non-governmental environmental organisations, and suggests that the government should increase its degree of co-operation with them. (Chinese)
NGO participation in poverty alleviation: providing new methods
By Zhang Mulan张木兰, Philanthropy Times公益时报, October 23, 2013
October 17th was the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and this article analyses the contributions of Chinese NGOs to the alleviation of Chinese poverty and discusses new methods, including micro-finance and capacity-building. (Chinese)
The management of social assistance; the Ningbo model
By Zhang Xuetao, 张雪弢, Philanthropy Times公益时报, October 23, 2013
This article details how Ningbo city’s system of allocating social welfare has become one of the most fair, efficient, and transparent in the country. (Chinese)
Registered social organisations surpass 500,000
By Pan Yue 潘跃
, People’s Daily 人民日报, October 24, 2013
According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the number of registered social organisations has now surpassed half a million, a considerable increase from previous figures. (Chinese)
Donations urgently need a resource transformation capacity
By Chu Ying褚蓥, Philanthropy Times公益时报, October 24, 2013
The author argues that although many Chinese public welfare organisations constantly complain of a lack of resources, their main deficiency is the ability to utilise their existing resources to the maximum extent. (Chinese)
Free office space for NGOs is open for registration
NGO免费办公地 等你申请
By Li La and Li Jiayan 李拉,李家燕, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报
24 October, 2013
A Guangzhou NGO incubator has begun installing new free office space for local NGOs The organisation already has 30 NGOs in residence, but the new expansion will provide space for 30 more. (Chinese)
Suzhou’s average shequ has five social organisations
By Da Qiu 大秋,  City Business城市商报,  October 24, 2013
The city of Suzhou now boasts five registered social organisations in every Shequ district, the highest density in Jiangsu province. According to the report, in recent years the city has “vigorously supported the cultivation of social organisations”. (Chinese)
We cannot let NGO workers fall by the side of the public welfare road
By Li Jin 李晋, The Beijing Times 京华时报, October 24, 2013
In Nanjing in September a new fund was set up by several NGOs, including the Amity Foundation, that aims to assist Chinese NGO workers who are experiencing health or economic difficulties. Chinese)
The path of CSR managers: the peripheral is still the mainstream
By Ruo Yi若乙21st Century Net 21世纪网, October 25, 2013
This article discusses the position of CSR manager in Chinese companies; analysing its continuing marginalization and deficiency of resources, and arguing that the position needs to be brought into the mainstream. (Chinese)
Observations on the growth of Chinese small-scale social enterprises
By Yan Bing闫冰, Philanthropy Times公益时报, October 25, 2013
Small-scale grassroots social enterprises have grown and matured in recent years and this article analyses trends in the sector, profiling several organisations and individuals (Chinese)

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