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NGOs grade their funders, only 1.5% of foundations have previously funded grassroots organisations
NGO首次给资助方打分 仅1.5%基金会资助过草根组织
By Wang Hui王辉, Beijing Times 京华时报, November 11, 2013
Taking inspiration from Taobao’s buyer-seller ratings, the “China Foundation Evaluation List” conference announced the publication of a survey that asked grassroots NGOs to rate the foundations that fund (or fail to fund) them. (Chinese)

What can social organizations do for the elderly?
By Yang Huayun杨华云, Beijing Times京华时报, November 11, 2013
The author of this article implores Chinese social organizations to do more for China’s rapidly growing elderly population, arguing that they have the capacity to significantly enrich later life (Chinese)

Should entrepreneurs become members of NGO councils?
Wei Lian 威廉, Charity News Network 慈讯网, November 11, 2013
This article discusses whether Chinese business entrepreneurs should become members of Chinese NGO boards. (Chinese)

Li Jin: I hope that public welfare can become an industry that people genuinely respect
Phoenix Public Welfare 凤凰公益, November 12, 2013
Li Jin, chairman of the Vantone Foundation, talks about the importance of transparency, accountability, and capacity building in building public trust in NGOs. (Chinese)

Grassroots “counterattack” foundations, this prize is not too cold
草根“逆袭”基金会 这个奖项不太冷
By Yan Bing 闫冰, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, November 12, 2013
Guangdong Harmony Foundation’s Secretary-General, Hu Xiaojun, comments on his foundation being awarded one of the top prizes in the recently completed grassroots NGO survey of foundations. (Chinese)

Public welfare organizations send letter to the Department of Commerce calling on them to amend the regulations prohibiting infectious disease sufferers from entering public baths
公益机构致信商务部 呼吁修改禁传染病患者入浴条款
By Li Jin李晋, Beijing Times京华时报, November 12, 2013
18 public welfare organizations have sent a letter to the state department responsible for the recent ban on infectious disease sufferers from entering public bathing facilities. The letter argued that the ban was not based on scientific information. (Chinese)

The “China angle” of climate conferences: NGOs share their low-carbon experiences
Guo Jing 郭婧, China Environment News, November 13, 2013
This article discusses how the Sino-US relationship is being strengthened through developing partnerships between environmental NGOs to share experiences and enhance co-operation. (Chinese)

2013 Chinese private foundations development report
China Philanthropy Advisors 公域合力, November 14, 2013
A new report on China’s private foundations emerged from the fifth China Private Foundation Forum. The report was entitled “The use of private foundations in the construction of society” and presents new case studies and important recommendations for the further development of the sector. (Chinese)

Why not set up a “private foundation”
By Feng Yongfeng 冯永锋, November 14, 2013
In this lengthy essay, Beijing-based journalist and founder of NGO Green Beagle, Feng Yongfeng, writes about the motivations and ideals associated with setting up private foundations in China. (Chinese)

Respect public sentiment, but also place more trust in scientific monitoring
By Wang Kuiting 王奎庭, China Environment News 中国环境报, November 15, 2013
The article highlights the disconnect between public unease with China’s air pollution problem and the findings of scientific monitoring systems. It says that sometimes the public’s perception of pollution levels does not fit with the data. (Chinese)

Christine Cayol: I look forward to the marriage between art and public welfare
Philanthropy Times 公益时报, November 15, 2013
Paris-born philosopher, Beijing resident, and social entrepreneur Christine Cayol writes that art and culture should become an important part of the Chinese public welfare landscape. (Chinese)

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