Weekly News – November 30th – December 6th, 2013

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Could it be that homosexuals cannot take part in public welfare work?
By A Qiang, China Development Brief 中国发展简报, December 02, 2013
The Executive Director of LGBT group PFLAG China writes about the hurdles that the Ministry of Civil Affairs places in front of LGBT NGOs, making it particularly difficult for them to become established and develop. (Chinese)

Who has the right to launch a public interest lawsuit?
By Yang Xiaohong 杨晓红, Southern Metropolis Daily 南都网, December 02, 2013.
This article discusses public interest lawsuits, focusing on Beijing’s first case, and the ways in which the issue has been discussed in the recent NPC Congress. (Chinese)

Charity Observation: Foreigner hitting the aunt, who made the fraudulent claim?
公益观察:老外撞大妈 谁碰了谁的瓷儿?
By Wang Jiaquan 王家全, Xinhua News Network 新华网, December 04, 2013
This commentary analyses the recently widely discussed traffic accident from a public welfare perspective, looking at the role of the media and public morality (Chinese)

Survey: Nearly nine-tenths of impoverished students that have received financial assistance say that their experience has motivated them to participate in public welfare themselves
Phoenix News Network 凤凰网, December 05, 2013
A survey of recipients of a financial aid program, started in Hunan in 1998, finds that the experience of receiving charitable assistance induces positive feeling towards future participation in public welfare work. (Chinese)

The yesterday, today, and tomorrow of international volunteers
ngocn.net, December 05, 2013
At employee of the Yunnan Development Training Institute talks about his experiences training Chinese volunteers for overseas development assignments, including talking about language issues and motivations. (Chinese)

Ministry of Civil Affairs: Four types of social organizations can register directly, unnecessary endorsements will be stopped
民政部:四类社会组织直接登记 不必要审批将取消
China News Network 中国新闻网, December 05, 2013
At a press conference Minister of Civil Affairs, Li Liguo, outlined the steps that MOCA is taking to increase the ‘vitality’ of the social organizations sector. The steps focus on streamlining the registration process and increasing the decentralization process.(Chinese)

Cheng Gang: Transparency needs cultural support, otherwise no-one will believe that everything is exposed
Niu Xiaoxue 钮小雪, China Fortune, 中国财富, December 05, 2013
The CEO of the Foundation Centre, Cheng Gang, talks about the importance of cultural shifts in bringing about an effective increase in transparency and accountability. According to Cheng, transparent culture is part of the modern culture of charity. (Chinese)

International Agency appeals for the urgent implementation of better benefits and rights for volunteers
Sina Public Welfare 新浪公益, December 05, 2013
Speaking at the China Conference on International Exchange of volunteerism, the British overseas volunteering agency, VSO, appealed for better legislation to be introduced to protect the rights and benefits of China’s growing numbers of volunteers. (Chinese)

New Citizen Program: transitioning to a field support organization
By Li Zhiyan李志艳, Social Resources Research Institute 社会资源研究所, December 06, 2013
An article about the transformation from start-up to established organization of the New Citizen Program, an educational NGO established in 2007 and dedicated to providing services for the children of migrant workers. (Chinese)

The Nature Conservancy: The efficiency and innovation of NGOs
By Liu Qiong 刘琼, First Finance and Economics第一财经, December 06, 2013
Zhang Xingsheng from the environmental NGO The Nature Conservancy, talks about the importance of efficiency and innovation for Chinese NGOs. It is these two qualities that give NGOs an advantage over government provided services, but which need to be managed carefully, in a similar way to how successful commercial enterprises are run. (Chinese)

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