Weekly News – November 23rd to 29th, 2013

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Look forward to the ‘wealthy generation’ becoming the ‘benevolent generation’
Changsha Evening News 长沙晚报, November 25, 2013
The article discusses how generational attitudes towards charity and philanthropy are effected by affluence, predicting a brighter future for the generations in China that have gained from economic reform. (Chinese)

A foundation’s funding administrator’s number one note on funding: distance
Environmental Youth Commentary 青年环境评论 , November 25, 2013
An administrator from the SEE Foundation talks about the importance of ‘distance’ when funding projects; how remaining ‘close’ enough to a project is important to fully understanding it, but not too close so as to micro-manage it. (Chinese)

Child buying and selling ‘bazaar’ operating in the guise of public welfare
Charity News Network 慈讯网, November 25, 2013
Online child adoption agencies operating as ‘charities’ or ‘public welfare organizations’ have been uncovered as for-profit ventures and even platforms for child trafficking. (Chinese)

Yunnan public welfare organizations gather to decode the Social Construction Innovation Policy
By Liu Hong刘虹, Yunnan Web云南网, November 26, 2013
Yunnan NGOs, academics, and local government met for their third annual meeting to share experiences, discuss policies, and increase co-operation. Outcomes of the meeting included the commitment of relevant government departments to providing free office space for grassroots organizations. (Chinese)

Central government again spends 200 million RMB to purchase services from social organizations
Zhang Xuetao 张雪弢, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, November 26, 2013
After the recent issuing of a circular on the budget plans for 2014, it has been confirmed that the central government will again spend 200 million RMB on purchasing social services from social organizations. (Chinese)

Chen Jiajun: Explore the multi-faceted relationship between NGOs and foundations
By Chen Jiajun 陈嘉俊, ngocn.net, November 26, 2013
Chen Jiajun writes about the relationship between foundations and NGOs, explaining that it should be seen as a partnership based not just on money but also around shared values, similar work practices, support, and mutual gain. (Chinese)

The first self-organized union of environmental foundations
Philanthropy Times 公益时报, Zhang Mingmin 张明敏, November 26, 2013
Nine foundations that focus on environmental protection have joined together to form the ‘Alliance of Environmental Funders’, aiming to become a platform to improve communication, collaboration, and capacity-building amongst environmental NGOs. (Chinese)

Nine major criticisms of false corporate social responsibility
By Liu Keli 刘克丽, Charity News Network 慈讯网, November 27, 2013
This article analyses the ways in which CSR is used by companies in ways that are not always in keeping with the accepted ethics of public welfare. (Chinese)

Responding to climate change, what can NGOs achieve?
By Liu Xiaoxing刘晓星, China Environment News 中国环境报, November 28, 2013
As the UN Climate Change Conference ends in Warsaw, this article analyses the role that NGOs, and particularly Chinese NGOs, can play in the international effort to respond to climate change. (Chinese)

Public welfare donations will welcome in the crowd-funding age
Philanthropy Times公益时报, November 28, 2013
Using examples from different organizations, including the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Beijing New Sunshine Foundation, this article discusses the potential of crowd-funding to transform the way Chinese money is donated. (Chinese)

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