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Heart to Heart Community Care: integrating social service and policy advocacy
By Zhang Junwei 张峻玮 , Social Resources Institute 社会资源研究所, April 14, 2014
This article looks at the operations and results achieved by the Kunming organization Heart to Heart. The organization provides social support to migrant workers and abandoned children, while also promoting policy advocacy activities.

Ma Weihua remodels the One Foundation
China Philanthropist 中国慈善家, April 14, 2014
A profile of the new Chairman of the Board of the One Foundation, Ma Weihua, who recently left the banking world for the charity world. Ma says that he will remodel the organization, whilst bringing innovation to the sector and a new relationship between the foundation and NGOs.

Fudan students and their “grassroots social organizations”
By China Youth Daily 中国青年报(北京), April 15, 2014
Some of the most innovative and creative projects of the last years in the charity sector have come from NGOs founded by students of Shanghai Fudan University. This article details some of their stories.

Five points that reflect on the involvement of social work in providing social assistance
By Wang Yong 王勇, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报, April 16, 2014
The article explains the reasons why social work should be regarded as the best solution for facing social problems in a concrete and practical way, due to its specialist expertise.

In 2013 many foundations raised more than 500 million RMB each
By Zhang Mulan 张木兰, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报 , April 16, 2014
In 2013 the most important foundations all collected more than 500 million RMB each, representing a 33% increase for the entire sector, compared to the previous year. University foundations, in particular, have played a crucial role in the last few years.

Shenzhen pushes for innovation in the civil affairs sector, aiming to ease restrictions for social organizations
深圳推深化民政事业改革创新举措 给社会组织“松绑”
By  Guan Yadong管亚东,Sun Fei孙飞, Shenzhen Economic Daily 深圳商报, April 18, 2014
Over the next few years Shenzhen aims to bring new innovation to the public welfare sector, placing particular emphasis on the welfare system and on services helping the elderly and disadvantaged children.

Xu Yongguang: if the system doesn’t open up, where will the resources come from?
By Xu Yongguang徐永光, Beijing News新京报, April 21, 2014
Xu Yongguang, Chairman of the Board of the Narada Foundation, analyzes data concerning the value of social organizations and their impact on China’s GDP, highlighting the measures that must be taken for further promoting their economic development.

Four foundations haven’t revealed how 160 million RMB of donations have been used
By Hou Xuezhu 侯雪竹, Beijing Times 京华时报, April 23, 2014
After last year’s Lushan earthquake, 1.6 billion RMB of donations were collected. However four foundations still haven’t revealed information about 160 million RMB’s worth of donations.

Discussing the identity contradictions of Li Yapeng
By Pan Caifu 潘采夫, Southern Metropolis Weekly 南都周刊, April 23, 2014
After the Smiling Angel’s Foundation was accused of misusing donations, the founder Li Yapeng tries to clarify his position and regain credibility for the foundation.

Ma Jun: data about soil pollution need more publicity
By Nan Hao 南皓,Caixin Online 财新网, April 24, 2014
Ma Jun comments on the recent publication of a joint bulletin published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land and Resources, on the condition of soil pollution. Although it’s a first step towards public disclosure, more transparency is needed, together with more effective mechanisms of control.

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