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Public welfare 2.0: the challenging transformation of Chinese NGOs
By Zhuxi朱汐, Chinese Entrepreneur Network中国企业家网, September 28, 2013
Outlines the views of The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (a GONGO in operation since 1989) on changing attitudes to charity and philanthropy. (Chinese)
Beijing to introduce new regulations that prevent charitable associations from collecting donations.
By Chen Qiao 陈荞, Beijing Times 京华时报, September 28, 2013
The Beijing municipal government has released their first charity regulations. They will come into effect by the end of 2013 and stipulate that NGOs classified as associations will no longer be able to raise funds on their own. (Chinese)
Citizens will be able to get compensation for air pollution
By Li Tianji李天际 , Beijing Youth Daily北京 青年报, September 29, 2013
The 14th NPC Standing Committee has released a revised version of its Beijing Air Pollution Regulations that increase fines and will allow citizens to make compensation claims. (Chinese)
Hong Kong announces that just over one million residents live below its new poverty line
香港特区政府公布贫困线 涉及101.8万人
Beijing Times 京华时报, September 29
The Hong Kong SAR government has released figures that show that 1.01 million residents live below a newly established poverty line, a significant decrease from last year’s numbers. (Chinese)
Shanghai will create a trust-system for social organisations
By Zong Chenliang宗晨亮, China News Network 中国新闻网, September 30, 2013
The article describes how the Shanghai municipal government will introduce a system that ranks local NGOs on how open and trustworthy they are. (Chinese)
The first batch of public welfare talents to receive million Yuan subsidy
Beijing Times京华时报, September 30, 2013
The ten individuals to be picked to take part in the China Charity personnel training program have been revealed. The program is run by the Amway Foundation and aims to discover and cultivate talented indviduals to public welfare. (Chinese)
“Environmental Protection Expert” Dong Liangjie has been detained by Police
“环保专家”董良杰涉寻衅滋事被刑拘 师从薛蛮子
By Huang Yumei and Chen Lulu黄昱梅、陈露露, Xinhua News Agency新华网, September 30, 2013
Online environmental activist Dong Liangjie has been arrested in a police crackdown on online rumour-mongering. Dong has reported on water pollution issues, most famously claiming that Chinese rivers had been contaminated with contraceptive chemicals. (Chinese)
The Red Cross received one-third of all Chinese donations; the government should still compete for donations.
红会占全国捐赠1/3 官员称政府不宜退出募捐市场
Beijing Times 京华时报, September 30, 2013
This article reports on the findings of the "2012 China Charity Donations Report" and makes the argument that the government (and government organisations) should continue to compete with NGOs for donations. (Chinese)
Fraudulent NGOs will be blacklisted
By Li Qiang and Zhou Chan 李强/周潺, Nanfang Daily 南方日报 , October 02, 2013
This article details the ways in which the Guangdong provincial government has dealt with 500 illegal NGOs over the past year, and how they plan to tighten up the blacklisting process. (Chinese)
Dali Autonymous Prefecture will require non-state economic and social organisations to achieve the ‘five clears’
By Dong Yunsong and Cheng Wenhua董云松/程文华, Yunnan Mail Network云信网(昆明), October 02, 2013
The government of Dali Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province will require autonomous social organisations to increase transparency in five areas: business operations, staffing, organisational set-up, Party membership, and ownership. (Chinese)

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