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Residence permit system urged for migrant population
Xinhua, October 26, 2012
Zhou Yongkang, a senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said on Friday at a meeting on social management that a system should be set up and implemented at the earliest possible date.
Lawmakers call for law on charity activities
Xinhua, October 26, 2012
A report adopted at the bi-monthly session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) said introducing legislation on charity activities is urgent and the process should be facilitated.
Public to have say on distribution of funds
By Xu Jingxi in Guangzhou, China Daily, October 29, 2012
Provincial authorities and the Li Ka Shing Foundation, which supports charitable projects in both the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Chinese mainland, have said they plan to invest 20 million yuan ($3.2 million) in at least 170 public services that are run by social organizations for the benefit of women.
Guangzhou’s largest civil organization changes form: receives RMB 2,000,000 in government funding
广州最大民间组织转型 成功拿下200万政府订单
By Pan Xiaojie, Xie Yihui 潘小洁, 谢怡晖, China Social Work Times 中国社工时报, October 29, 2012
Established in 1995, Qizhi Service Team recently registered and has received RMB 2,000,000 in government service contracting. (Chinese)
People’s Daily: Early phases of multivariant participatory social management have already appeared
People’s Daily人民日报, October 29, 2012
Looks at the implementation of the “social management” strategies of the 16th Congress. (Chinese)
Accumulating the strength of public welfare innovation, aiding the development of Guangdong
集结公益创意力量 助力幸福广东建设
By Lei Yu, Wen Jia 雷雨, 文嘉, Southern Daily 南方日报, October 30, 2012
Guangdong Party committees step up their involvement as “hubs” for social organization development, in this case with an event for Guangdong youth-focused social organizations, marking the establishment of the Guangdong Youth Social Organization Federation. (Chinese)
Welfare Lottery Public Interest Fund: The “catalyst” for the development of social organizations
CPPCC Net, 人民政协网, October 30, 2012
CPPCC mouthpiece discusses the benefits of the welfare lottery, which has allowed for the creation of a public welfare fund supporting social organization projects and the contracting of services from social organizations. (Chinese)
Hebei Province cleans up social organizations, revokes the registration of 182 social organizations
河北省清理整顿社会组织 首批撤销182家社会组织
Hebei Daily 河北日报, October 30, 2012
“Cleaning up” the non-profit sector, the Civil Affairs Bureau revoked the registration of 182 social organization that do not meet the “4 No’s”: weak operational mechanisms, lack of fee standardization, failure to abide by the law, and overly-close relationship with the government (particularly in terms of industry associations). (Chinese)
Migrant children need more than food and education
By Zhang Yuchen and He Na, China Daily, October 31, 2012
The Research Center of Philanthropy and Social Enterprise at Beijing Normal University and the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund conducted the joint research with 45 related organizations in 13 provinces and municipalities over the past six months and released the Framework to Study the Needs of Children in China 2012, in Beijing on Tuesday.
Without registration, is it impossible to carry out charity?
By Zhang Xin 张欣, Dazhong Daily 大众日报, October 31, 2012
Profiling Little Raindrop Public Welfare Volunteer Association in Qingdao, the reporter examines the challenges facing small-scale operations seeking to register with the bureau of civil affairs. (Chinese)
Notice of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Publishing of “Methods of Recording Volunteer Services”
Ministry of Civil Affairs, October 31, 2012
MCA issued a notice on methods for volunteer and charity organizations recording information concerning their volunteers. (Chinese)
Public welfare and charity social organizations funds required for registration falls to zero
By Xia Jingying 夏晶莹, Wenzhou Daily 温州日报, October 31, 2012
Wenzhou social organizations working in public welfare and charity no longer need to meet a base resource requirement in order to register. (Chinese)
Shaanxi experiments with “urging the wealthy to help the poor”: Mobilizes state-owned enterprises and coal enterprises to donate charity funds
Xiaoxiang Morning Post 潇湘晨报, November 1, 2012
Facing budget shortfalls for charitable programs, the Shaanxi government puts pressure on state-owned enterprises to “fulfill their duty to the people” and on coal enterprises to give back to the community in response to the environmental damage they have caused. (Chinese)
Shenzhen social organizations reforms achieve success; have already added 4,857 organizations
深圳社会组织改革取得成效 已增至4857家
China News Service 中新网, November 1, 2012
Chamber gets more donations for orphans
By Li Wenfang, China Daily, November 1, 2012
The American Chamber of Commerce in South China has a fund channeled through the Guangzhou Youth Development Foundation, which is also facilitated by the Guangzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.
Red Cross seeks transparency after scandal
By Wang Qingyun, China Daily, November 2, 2012
Red Cross executive vice president Zhao Baige announced on Monday that the Red Cross will initiate reform pilots in 3 provincial branches, which will include establishing an inspection committee.
Guangzhou welfare lottery yields RMB 23.1 million in first three quarters
Southern Daily 南方日报, November 2, 2012
This amount includes RMB 7.2 million in the public interest fund. (Chinese)

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