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The gospel of NGO job advertisement
October 22, 2012
Announces the establishment of NGO Job 1001, a new job listings site for NGOs based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong. (Chinese)
Our province’s new social organization public welfare development investment fund
china.com.cn 新闻中心-中国网, October 22, 2012
The Jiangsu Bureau of Civil Affairs announces the creation of a new public welfare development investment fund, to which it will endow RMB 5,000,000 from the BCA’s public welfare lottery. (Chinese)
Becoming a national 5A-level social organization
Jingjiang Daily 靖江日报, October 22, 2012
Jingjiang Entrepreneur Association announces that it was one of 18 Jiangsu social organizations to receive a 5A-level rating from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the highest level qualification. With a 3A-level rating or above, a social organization may receive awards, and is a priority for government contracting. With a 4A-level rating or above, an organization may undergo a simplified process for its yearly inspection. (Chinese)
China is going for green energy with NGO’s help
By Cecily Liu and Zhang Haizhou in London, China Daily, October 18, 2012
Profile of the Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy.
Unhappy enterprises may have been behind the difficulties faced by Shenzhen migrant worker NGOs
By Chen Qingsong 陈青松, China Enterprise News 中国企业报, October 23, 2012
An employee at a Shenzhen migrant labor NGO suggests that their recent difficulties may have to do with the challenges that their services have posed to local enterprises. (Chinese)
Releasing the abilities of social organizations (Ascending for ten years)
People’s Daily 人民日报, October 23, 2012
In light of the Party’s emphasis on “social management” concerning the development of social organizations, People’s Daily looks at how the landscape has changed for NGOs in the past ten years, especially in terms of policy. (Chinese)
Ningbo public welfare organizations can directly register: looking for a “supervising unit” used for force NGOs to operate without registering
宁波市公益类社会组织可直接登记: 找“主管单位”曾让很多公益组织只能选择无证运行
Ningbo Daily宁波日报, October 24, 2012
30 Jinan NGOs receive funding
Shandong Evening Times 齐鲁晚报, October 24, 2012
Starting in 2012, the Jinan Civil Affairs Bureau established a RMB 1,000,000 welfare lottery public welfare fund. (Chinese)
More social assistance investment needed
China Daily, October 24, 2012
While presenting a government social assistance report, Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo commented that more government spending on social assistance is urgently needed.
Social organization Party construction coverage
Liberation Daily 解放日报, October 25, 2012
Written by an officer from a Party General Branch in the Zhenru NGO Service Center in Shanghai, this article discusses Party efforts to become more involved in private social organizations. (Chinese)
Shanghai advances social organization Party construction work
Liberation Daily 解放日报, October 25, 2012
Shanghai party mouthpiece Liberation Daily discusses “social organization party construction work,” which involves greater involvement in capacity development and oversight of social organizations, including the development of Party organization “hubs” for social organizations. (Chinese)
Anhui’s first social organization incubation base established in Wuhu
People.com.cn- Anhui Channel人民网-安徽频道, October 25, 2012
Anhui opens its first social organization incubation base. (Chinese)
DBS China launches social enterprise program
By Yang Yao, China Daily, October 25, 2012
DBS China will provide grants to four social enterprises to offer training programs to over 2,300 underprivileged individuals in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu in the next two years, to acquire skills to improve their employability.
China to prevent wage defaults for migrant workers
Xinhua, October 26, 2012
The government will carry out a campaign to prevent wage defaults for migrant workers from rural areas, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said Thursday.
Environmental law expert believes that environmental public interest lawsuits lack sample cases
By Xi Jianrong 郄建荣, Legal Daily 法制日报, October 26, 2012
Beijing University professor and environmental law expert Wang Jin argues that the case of the All-China Environment Federation suing the Dingba Paper Factory in Guizhou for environmental pollution can serve as a useful example. (Chinese)
“Chinese NGO Oral Histories” recently published; recounts the history of the establishment of Chinese social organizations
《中国NGO口述史》近日推出 记录中国社会组织创业史
Changjiang Times长江商报, October 26, 2012
The Social Sciences Academic Press recently published an oral history book, which includes interviews with Liang Congjie, Xu Yongguang, Hua Ande, Guo Jianmei, and Meng Weina. (Chinese)
2012 (Second Annual) Chinese Public Welfare Day will be held in Beijing
Hexun 和讯网, October 26, 2012
The event will be held on January 23, 2013.
2012 Nanxi District (Sichuan): “3-2-1” work method promotes the innovation and development of social organizations
China Western Highland 中国网西部高地, October 26, 2012
Discusses a policy, the “3-2-1” work method in which three agents- the Civil Affairs Bureau, the supervising unit, and the NGO- work to facilitate NGOs’ registration and management.

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