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Civil society solid base for nation’s future
By Global Times, November 4, 2012
Global Times writer Chen Chenchen writes that a civil society in China will help to maintain social stability.
Gay marriage activist Lu Zhong: 90 percent of internet users surveyed wish him well
By Zhang Nan 张楠, China Youth Net 中国青年网, November 5, 2012
Interview with Lu Zhong, who recently married his longtime partner in a highly publicized wedding. (Chinese)
Ma Jun: Use data to mobilize the masses to eradicate pollution
By Ma Jun 马军 , Xinlang Environmental Protection 新浪环保, November 5, 2012
Ma Jun, well-known environmental activist and founder of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, writes of the importance of public participation in fighting pollution. (Chinese)
Fourth private foundation forum invites NGOs to participate
By Liu Sunan 刘素楠, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, November 5, 2012
At this year’s private foundation forum, organized by 15 foundations, 50 grassroots NGOs were invited to participate free of charge. (Chinese)
Record of three NGOs “cohabitating”
By Chen Jiajun 陈嘉俊, November 5, 2012
Chen Jiajun, founder of Guangzhou Action Blue Sky, writes of his experiences sharing a space with two other Guangzhou environmental NGOs, Guangzhou Greenpoint Environmental Protection Information Center and Friends of the Earth HK. (Chinese)
The significance of Wenzhou’s NGOs
By Cai Jianwang 蔡建旺, Wenzhou Daily 温州日报, November 5, 2012
Written by a Wenzhou Bureau of Civil Affairs official, this article considers the strengths and challenges for Wenzhou NGOs, including Green Eyes China, One Plus One, and Joy of Giving. (Chinese)
The charity sector cannot revive until the China Red Cross undergoes administrative reform
By Lin Lin 林璘, Sina.com中国网, November 5, 2012
Looks at the effect of the “Guo Meimei” scandal on the charity sector, and discusses plans for reform of the China Red Cross. (Chinese)
Officials’ alienation from people intolerable
Xinhua, November 5, 2012
The government of a central China city has been left red-faced again just as it was trying to restore reputation from the shame of not providing desks for students at public schools. This time, some of its officials gave false email addresses to the public.
New committees proposed to stem local misconduct
Xinhua, November 5, 2012
A new system of village-based supervisory committees has been proposed in China to stem emerging misconduct and corruption among local officials and guard against infringement of farmers’ interests.
Expats awarded for charity work
By Anne Zhang, November 5, 2012, Shenzhen Daily
Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, was recognized at the 20th anniversary of the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center on Friday, for teaching orphans at the center to play the piano over the past 10 years.
Huang Xuetao: A public interest lawyer’s vision for the future
By Miao Qi, Tian Xianghua 缪琦, 田享华,Yicai Net 一财网, November 6, 2012
Interview with Huang Xuetao, a lawyer who worked on the latest revisions of the mental health law. (Chinese)
Ministry of Civil Affairs: Three types of social organizations may have the chance to register without a supervising organization
Jinghua Times 京华时报, November 6, 2012
Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo recently announced that it is likely that charity, public welfare, and social service organizations will follow the Beijing pilot model of allowing direct registration. (Chinese)
Some cities in Zhejiang experiment with allowing social organization to register directly
By Wang Huixian, 王会贤November 6, 2012
Deng Fei: The strength of grassroots charity
By Feng Jiaxue 冯嘉雪, “Green Company” Magazine《绿公司》杂志, November 6, 2012
Deng Fei, the journalist involved in the “free lunch” weibo phenomenon, has a new project involving medical treatment for impoverished rural children. (Chinese)
The position of the public interest lawsuit system and procuratorial units
By Chen Wenhua 陈文华, Procuratorial Daily 检察日报, November 7, 2012
Written by a national procuratorial expert and Assistant Head Procurator for the Jiangxi Xinyu Municipal Procurate, this article includes analysis on the types of social organizations that may be able to raise public interest lawsuits. (Chinese)
Chinese NGOs have begun to provide “Shadow Reports” to the United Nations
By Wang Hui 王辉, China Fortune 中国财富, November 7, 2012
Discusses the growing trend of NGOs, such as the One Plus One Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Center, providing “shadow reports” which supplement official UN convention signatory state reports by the Chinese government. (Chinese)
Social organizations throughout Henan province will be classified by star ratings
By Lu Yancui 逯彦萃, Henan Commercial Paper 河南商报, November 7, 2012
The Henan Civil Affairs Bureau announced that it will implement an evaluating ratings system for registered social organizations, which will receive ratings of 1A-5A in accordance with their organizational capacity and legitimacy. (Chinese)
Government places an order, social organizations provide public services
Zhongan Online 中安在线, November 8, 2012
Discusses the latest “Notice on Developing Government Contracting for Social Organization Services Recruitment Activity” issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau in Tongling, Anhui. (Chinese)
Gansu will revoke the registration of 152 social organizations who have not undergone yearly examinations
Lanzhou Evening News 兰州晚报, November 9, 2012
The Gansu Bureau of Civil Affairs will revoke the registration of organizations that have not undergone a yearly examination for the past three years. (Chinese)

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