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Call for action on domestic violence
By Huang Yuli and He Dan, China Daily, November 26, 2012
In an open letter, Gender and Development in China said legislators should encourage participation and supervision from the public and grassroots organizations.
Call for fairer income distribution
By China Daily, November 26, 2012
The United Nations suggested that China is one of the most unequal societies in terms of wealth distribution, as China's Gini coefficient – a widely accepted measure of income inequality – has probably reached 0.55, while the international alert line is 0.4.
The bitterness and happiness of grassroots public welfare work
Kunming Daily 昆明日报, November 26, 2012
Discusses public interest work in Kunming, including the influence of national disasters, and the environmental work of a number of groups, such as Green Kunming.
The developing trend of government contracting of NGO services
By 刘雯, Chang Jiang Financial Times长江商报, November 26, 2012
Interview with Wang Ming, Director of Qinghua University's NGO Research Center in light of a recent oral history project carried out concerning the grassroots NGO community (article mostly conerned with history of Chinese NGOs, rather than govt contracting).
Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo travels to Wenzhou to investigate; approves Wenzhou's work in social management innovation
李立国部长赴温州调研 肯定温州市社会管理创新等工作
Wenzhou Daily 温州日报, November 26, 2012
Minister Li visited Wenzhou on November 23-24, examining a number of organizations including the Antai Cemetary, the Ouhai District Public Service Center, and the Lucheng District Yang Yi Riverside Community and hearing reports on the city's social development work.
Guangdong Public Safety Technology and Protection Association receives the first Guangdong province social organization qualification for carrying out government services and contracting
Safety Protection World 安防世界网, November 26, 2012
In the spirit of the Guangdong Party Committee's recent “Plan Relating to the Next Step in Cultivating, Developing, and Standardizing the Management of Social Organizations” and the Guangdong Civil Affairs Bureau's “Guiding Suggestions Regarding the Preparation of a Catalog of Social Organizations Qualified for Accepting the Functions and Contracting of Government Services,” the Guangdong government recently issued a list of qualified organizations (of which the Guangdong Public Safety Technology and Protection Association was one).
Why private foundations ignore grassroots NGOs
By Zhao Xinxing 赵新星, Southern Daily南方日报, November 27, 2012
An investigation carried out by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Civil Society Research Center and the Sun Yatsen University Charity Research Center, the results of which were announced at the the 4th annual Chinese Private Foundation Development Forum in Guangzhou, revealed that most private foundations are still in the early stages of development. Of 1,096 foundations interviewed, only 8.9 percent were involved in funding grassroots NGOs– and the vast majority of this funding was for organizations working in education and poverty alleviation.
Where do government contracted service funds come from?
By Wang Huixian王会贤, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, November 27, 2012
Funding for government contracting of social organization services can come from three sources: special project funds, funds from outside of the budget, and budgeted funds. In fact, the majority of this funding comes from the first two, meaning that they are lacking in stability. Example of a special fund: A new RMB 200 million central government special fund, which supports four types of projects: model projects, particularly for social organizations in Western China which provide social services and activities; social service pilot projects, particularly national-scale social organizations with the ability to carry out service provision for the government; social work service model projects, which support foundations in carrying out aid projects for special-needs groups; and personnel-training model projects, particularly training for personnel in Western China and minority communities.
Shanghai: Social work organizations become a specialized development model
By 闫冰, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, November 27, 2012
Shanghai, in the vanguard of government efforts to develop the social work field, has already registered 66 social work organizations, which work closely with government institutions. While government contracting originally took the form of funding personnel positions, it has migrated toward project-focused funding.
Income gap between the sexes widening
By He Dan, China Daily, November 28, 2012
In 2010, urban women's income was 67.3 percent that of men's and rural women's income was 56 percent that of their male counterparts, the survey found. The ratios were 77.5 percent and 79 percent in 1990.
Public service organizations apply for special project fund
By Hou Yuxiao 侯玉晓, Southern Metropolis Daily南方都市报, November 28, 2012
The application period has ended for the 2012 Guangdong Provincial Cultivation and Development of Social Organizations Special Fund. The fund includes provisions of RMB 200,000 for up to 80 public service organizations.
Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance Guiding Suggestions Regarding Government Contracting of Social Work Services
民政部 财政部关于政府购买社会工作服务的指导意见
Ministry of Civil Affairs Website民政部网站 , November 28, 2012
Text of recently-released “guiding suggestions,” which explain why and how the social work field will be developed through government service contracting. 
Li focuses on AIDS fight
By Shan Juan, China Daily, November 29, 2012
"Civil societies play an indispensable role in the national battle against HIV/AIDS, particularly in better reaching out to vulnerable groups, and the government should support them in funding, registration, and boosting their capacity," said Vice Premier Li Keqiang, after greeting and meeting the representatives, some of whom were HIV positive.
Li Keqiang: Let the tax-free policy for social organizations begin with organizations that fight AIDS
China News Service 中国新闻网, November 29, 2012
On November 26, Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with 13 representatives from AIDS organizations, holding up a State Council AIDS Prevention Committee meeting held by the Ministry of Health in order to speak with the representatives.
Deqing District Civil Affairs Bureau allows public service civil non-enterprise units to register directly
Zhejiang Online News 浙江在线新闻网站, November 29, 2012
Tianjin's Binhai New District Social Organization Service and Management Center begins operation
People's Daily Online 人民网(北京), November 29, 2012
The Center will help to professionalize organizations and encourage transparently, and will serve the more concrete function of facilitating the distribution of government service contracting funds to qualified organizations.
Nanchang has more than 10,000 gay men; the rate of AIDS contraction has increased
南昌有1万多名男同性恋者 感染艾滋几率上升
China Nanchang News 中国南昌新闻网, Novembe 30, 2012 
Introduces some information about gay men living in Nanchang, including a story of the ill-fated love affair of Nanchang youths “Cai Hong” and “Ah You.”

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