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CDB Special Report: The Diversification of Public Advocacy in China
By Fu Tao and Guo Ting
In-depth report on the state of public advocacy in China, including case studies of notable advocacy efforts from NGOs, foundations, and individuals.
Within 5 years, there will be 40,000 registered NGOs in Guangdong
March 30, 2013, Guangzhou Daily 广州日报
At a forum on social construction and social organization development in Guangzhou, experts noted that while the number of NGOs has increased dramatically, Guangdong still lacks strong organizations. (Chinese) 
Chinese homosexual's marriage struggles under social pressure
By Tian Ying, Zhang Hui, March 31, 2013, Xinhua
Through the story of one gay man's life, considers the challenges facing gay people in China.
Liang Xiaoyan: NGOs should become advocates and activists
April 1, 2013 , Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报
Discusses CDB's recent forum on advocacy, in which a number of NGOs and individuals working on advocacy shared their thought and experiences. (Chinese)
Beginning now, four types of social organizations can directly register in Beijing
By Wei Mingyan 魏铭言, April 1, 2013, Beijing News 新京报讯
Industry associations and chambers of commerce, science and technology organizations, public interest and charity organizations, and community service organizations may now register directly in Beijing without locating a government supervising unit. (Chinese)
Investigation of government transfer of function: social workers finally reach a “policy spring”
By Kong Hua 孔华, April 1, 2013, CCTV.com 央视网
The two plenary sessions have indicated that the policy environment for qualified social workers will become increasingly supportive. (Chinese)
Social organizations' direct registration has not yet been carried out
Beijing Youth Daily 北京青年报, April 2, 2013
Interesting article takes readers to the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in the wake of new legislation enabling certain types of social organizations to register without a “supervising unit,” and finds that administrators struggle to handle the new registration procedures. (Chinese)
Mass organizations must be a leader in social management
Southern Daily 南方日报, April 2, 2013
Looks at the role that the Party envisions for mass organizations as a leader in developing and guiding social organizations. (Chinese)
Xiao Han: The Chinese definition of “social enterprise”
By Xiao Han肖晗, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, April 2, 2013
Discusses the meanings and usages of the novel term “social enterprise” in China. (Chinese)
The three major difficulties facing foundation finances
By Zhang Mulan 张木兰 , Philanthropy Times 公益时报, April 2, 2013
As foundations submit their annual financial documentation, Philanthropy Times looks at the weaknesses in their financial management including a lack of professionalization, lack of communication, and limited opportunities for advancement. (Chinese)
Fighting sexism on campus
By Xuyang Jingjing, Global Times, April 2, 2013
Protest in Guangzhou throws a spotlight on sexism on university campuses.
The third road sign
By Wang Jingjing 王晶晶, China Youth Daily 中国青年报, April 3, 2013 
Through the lens of a recent meeting of NGO scholars and practitioners, views the progress in the third sector. (Chinese)
Environmental organizations must continue to hold activities
By Feng Yongfeng冯永峰, 晶报, April 3, 2013
Feng Yongfeng, founder of the University of Nature, argues that organizations must continue to hold public activities in order to harness the power and energies of the public toward achieving change. (Chinese)
Migrant worker wins suit; Guangzhou government must release information about minimum wage
农民工胜诉 穗人社局需公开最低工资信息
By 赵新强, 南方工报, April 3, 2013
Migrant worker successfully sues government agency in case concerning minimum wage transparency for migrant workers in the region. (Chinese)
“Free Lunch” project may become a reference case for government release of power
Yangcheng Evening News羊城晚报, April 4, 2013
Looks at the Free Lunch Foundation, formed two years ago following a successful Weibo campaign by journalist Deng Fei to provide lunches for rural students. (Chinese)
2012 Lottery Industry Report: Public welfare fund requires public transparency
By Gu Xiaoqiang 古晓强, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, April 5, 2013
According to a survey of industry workers and lottery participants, there is a severe dearth of public knowledge regarding the allotment of public welfare funding derived from the welfare lottery. (Chinese)

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