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The Ministry of Civil Affairs publishes foundation evaluations: The Red Cross Foundation receives a 5A rating
民政部公布基金会评估等级 红十字基金会获评5A级
Zhang Chenggang张成刚, Xinhua News新华网, May 10, 2013
The Ministry of Civil Affairs released its 2012 ratings of foundations in accordance with the “National Social Organizations Management Assessment Approach” and the “National Social Organization Implementation Measures Approach.”
There is still room for improvement in the social management system
Tong Zhiwei 童之, Caijing Network 财经网, May 10, 2012
This article explores possible directions for development of the social management system, particularly including the social management system in the constitutional framework, public and social organization involvement in social management, political inequality, and rule of law.
Where did charity funds come from in ancient times?
Ni Fangliu倪方六, Tianjin Daily天津日报, May 11 2013
An exploration of charity sources in ancient times: from the Western Zhou dynasty to Song dynasty.
Enable every citizen to find a compatible social organization
Zhejiang Elderly News浙江老年报, May 12 2013
The Hangzhou government simplified the registration procedures in order to allow social organizations to become more involved in social services management.
Expert: the majority of Chinese Red Cross workers are scared to lose governmental official label
杜强 Du Qiang, 新华网Xinhua Network, 12 May 2013
Compares the US and Japanese Red Cross to the Chinese Red Cross in terms of their relationship to the government. Qinghua University Professor Deng Guosheng affirms that independence from government institutions could help to resolve the current credibility crisis of the Chinese Red Cross.
Promoting public participation in environment protection
Chen Yuanyuan陈媛媛, China Environment News中国环境报, 12 May 2013
The fifth SEE-TNC Eco Award Ceremony was recently held in Beijing, and included individuals, grassroots organizations and government agencies which made a substantial contribution to the field of environmental protection.
Teaching man to fish
CNFOL 中金在线, 13 May 2013
This article speaks about the importance of microfinance in re-building people’s lives after Wenchuan earthquake.
Who destroyed the credibility of Chinese charities?
Wen Dai 文岱, 21CN News 21CN新闻, 13 may 2013
This article questions the responsibility in the mistrust of Chinese charities and how to build a new charitable sentiment in Chinese citizens.
Central Finance Bureau sponsored 4 social organizations in Xian with RMB 970,000
Wei Xin 魏鑫, Xian Evening News西安晚报, 14 May 2013 
Central Government will support the Shaanxi province social organizations to participate in social service provision such as community service, elderly care, healthcare, disaster relief and other kind of services.

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