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Over half of Chinese now urbanites without hukou
Xinhua, July 5, 2013
China's urbanization rate had reached 52.57 percent by the end of 2012 but about 200 million new urbanites are without urban permanent resident permits, according to the 2012 City Development Report of China released Friday.
October AIDS walk launched in Beijing
By Zhang Yue, China Daily, July 5, 2013
Plans for an AIDS walk, to raise funds to tackle the disease, were announced in Sanlitun, Beijing on Thursday. Representatives from the China Population Welfare Foundation, UNAIDS China Office as well as civil organizations attended the ceremony.
Opening the doors and releasing authority: “Government Procurement of Services” Report
By Li Shu 李舒, China Comment半月谈网, July 8, 2013
China Comment takes an in-depth look at government efforts to implement procurement of social services by non-government organizations.
Restrictions on public interest lawsuit plaintiffs viewed as inappropriate
Beijing Times 京华时报, July 8, 2013
Many have responded negatively to the recent draft of a revision to the Environmental Protection Law that sites the All-China Environment Federation as the sole agent of the new public interest lawsuit provision.
Beijing vigorously implements disabled persons special procurement of services
Ministry of Finance Website 财政部网站, July 8, 2013
The recently-released Provisional Methods on Beijing Procurement of Disabled Person Service Organizations is a pioneer policy in the procurement of services for disabled persons.
Chongqing has its first “grassroots” public interest organization incubation base
重庆市有了首家 “草根”公益组织孵化基地
Chongqing Daily 重庆日报, July 8, 2013
The V Space: Nanping Base will be the first professional social organization incubation base in Chongqing.
NGOs should reflect the lesson of poverty alleviation co-ops
Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, July 9, 2013
NGOs can learn from the lesson of poverty alleviation co-ops, which floundered under the operation of government offices.
Xu Yongguang’s 10 critiques of the China Charity Federation
By 钮小雪, Fortune China 中国财富, July 9, 2013
Xu Yongguang, who traded his insider status to help develop China’s non-profit sector, critiques the China Charity Federation.
Red Cross Social Supervision Committee Member Wang Zhenyao: What should a charity supervision organization do?
Xinhua 新華網, July 10, 2013
As a member of the Chinese Red Cross’s Social Supervision Committee, Wang Zhenyao attempts to clear up some misconceptions about the committee that led to public opprobrium of the group, particularly the notion that the committee is responsible for “PR” for the Red Cross.
Research on the legal quality and status of environmental NGOs
Legal Education Net 法律教育网, July 11, 2013 
Legal Education Net looks at the legal space for environmental NGOs, and discusses the challenges that arise from an unclear legal status.
Shenzhen Charity Federation Secretary General Fang Tao: Government funding for procurement of community services should not lag behind
New Express Daily 新快报, July 11, 2013
At a forum on the Guangzhou Community Service Development Plan, some mentioned the need to expedite the process of issuing program funding in order to enable more stable operation.
“We” are a liberated ideology and social development
Guangming Daily 光明网, July 12, 2013
Wang Ming from Qinghua University’s NGO Research Center talks about the usage of the term “social development” in the 18th Plenum Report.
Wang Yong investigates Shenzhen; Demands an acceleration of the development of a modern social organization system
王勇深圳调研 要求加快建立现代社会组织体制
Southern Daily 南方日报, July 12, 103
Visiting Shenzhen and Shanghai to learn about their social organization management systems and observe some of their social organizations, State Council member Wang Yong emphasized the value that the central government places in these developments, and encouraged greater efforts in this direction.
Tianjin announces the state of the 2012 welfare lottery public interest fund expenditures
Philanthropy Times 公益时报, July 12, 2013
In 2012, Tianjin utilized RMB 334 million on 15 major projects, which focused primarily on elderly care and burial expenses, as well as community services and medical aid.

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