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MOCA official: At the end of the year social organizations will have a legal basis for direct registration
Beijing Times京华时报, June 3, 2013
Interview with Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Organization Management Department head Wang Jianjun, who speaks about current NGO management reform.
Wang Ming: The spring of social system reform has arrived
Nandu.com 南方都市报, June 3, 2013
Director of Qinghua University NGOs Research Center Wang Ming analyses the evolution of Chinese civil society beginning in the 1970s, providing his personal definition of civil society and expressing optimism concerning the future development of the field.
Foundations should provide more support for NGOs
Beijing Times 京华时报, June 3, 2013
The author suggests that foundations should focus on supporting NGOs rather than engaging in their own projects.
Mentougou District purchases social organizations services for 5.5 million yuan
Liu Junyong Tong Shuquan刘军勇 童曙, Beijing Daily北京日报, June 4, 2013
This year the Mentougou District Civil Affairs Bureau invest 5.5 million yuan to purchase social organizations services including care for the disabled, elderly, and special needs persons, as well as support for the unemployed.
Establishing health education social organizations
Wang Yan王燕, Xian Daily 西安日报, June 4, 2013
The Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department and the National Ministry of Health jointly organized 3 – 5 year development plan for health education organizations.
Social Organizations are strongly encouraged to undertake a participatory role in social management innovation
李蕾Li Lei, Lanzhou Daily 兰州日报, June 4, 2013
The 18th Party congress report stresses the importance of the role of social organizations in the construction of the Chinese social management system.
Guangzhou has less than 3 social organizations for each 10,000 people
彭文蕊 陶达嫔 Peng Wenrui Bin Tuta, Nanfang Daily南方日报, June 4 2013
In Guangzhou there are just 4741 social organizations for 14 million people, which is equivalent to 3 organizations for each 10,000 inhabitants– less than the national average of 3.3.
“Microblogging Auctioneer” and his Charity Network Dream
CCPCC人民政协网, June 4, 2013
Liang Yongning is a paraplegic who uses microblogs to help people in need through auctions.
Announcement of 2012 annual national social organization evaluation results
People’s Daily 人民网, June 5, 2013
Lists all national level social organizations which passed their evaluations (receiving a score of 3a or above).
Elderly care institutions “New Regulations” solicit suggestions; Explain where private organizations can go
养老机构“新办法”征意见 民办养老何处去
ChinaNet中国网 , June 5, 2013
The most important characteristic of the new Regulations on Permitting the Establishment of Elderly Care Institutions, according to scholar Dang Junwu, is their existence—for the first time providing private elderly care institutions with clear methods for management, etc.
Migrant children cannot assimilate into the urban environment, cannot return to their hometowns, and cannot see their futures
By Hui Ji 惠寄 , New Citizens Project 新公民计划, June 6, 2013
Following the closing of the first New Citizens school (part of an incubation program for migrant children’s schools operated by the Narada Foundation), the school carried out a follow-up investigation of the whereabouts and condition of its former conditions.
Xu Yongguang: It is time to change the charity structure!
Southern Metropolis Daily  南方都市报, June 6, 2013
At the recent China Charity 100 Forum, Xu Yongguang of the Narada Foundation argued that with government efforts at “social system reform,” the reform of the charity system was a crucial factor in its successful implementation.
Former journalist draws pollution map of China
Xinhua, June 6, 2013
Ma Jun and his group for environmental protection have compiled an open-source online database of water, air and hazardous waste pollution records dating back seven years in order to encourage more public participation, and with it, change.
The One Foundation hopes for collaboration—a dialogue with One Foundation Secretary-General Yang Peng
Cixun Net慈讯网, June 7, 2013
Interview with Yang Peng about the role and ambitions of the One Foundation.
Charity donations will be supervised by Supervision Committee
新快报, June 7, 2013
The Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau recently announced the formation of a Supervision Committee for charity donations, which will be composed of 15 members who will not receive a salary, but will publish an independent annual report.
“When independence is a problem, how can you discuss civil society” – Interview with Professor Chen Jianmin
NGOCN, June 7, 2013
NGOCN interviews Chinese University of Hong Kong professor Chen Jianmin, whose statement that “as the third sector grows, civil society shrinks” was widely discussed by the NGO community.
Lanzhou Disability NGOs’ Troubled Prospects: Urgently in Need of Support
By Li Xiaoxia李晓霞, Lanzhou Evening Times 兰州晚报, June 7, 2013
Looks at the conditions of Lanzhou disability NGOs, which are lacking in funding and capacity.

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