Volunteers take action to help Beijing residents

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Volunteers in Beijing are taking action to offer much-needed help to local residents, bringing warmth to hundreds of households this winter.


The Lei Feng Volunteer Team in Dongcheng District currently has 51 volunteers, consisting of street community Party members, youth league members and employees of local businesses. The volunteers take orders online and run errands for residents isolating at home, including purchasing medicines, food and other daily necessities.


In Xicheng District, the Westin Chinese and Foreign Volunteer Team went to Jinrong Street Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled, caring for and accompanying people in need.


The 52 volunteers from Chaoyang CBD Group devoted themselves to the prevention and control of Covid-19, responsible for the daily delivery and sorting of couriers for 44 units in 18 buildings, ensuring accurate and punctual delivery of supplies.


The Haidian District Qinglongqiao Street Qingyuruge Volunteer Team went to several communities to help elderly residents learn how to use smartphones to make their lives more convenient.


A volunteer team in Shijingshan District carried out their activities at 24 elderly service centers throughout the district and showed elderly people who live alone how to use their smartphones to make video calls and communicate with their families.


In the other 10 districts, similar volunteer activities were conducted to make residents’ lives more convenient, with a special focus on senior citizens. 

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