University and foundation host charity event

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Tsinghua University’s MBA Sunshine Society, a volunteer group based at the university, organized an event on June 3, bringing together students and professionals to learn about the impactful charitable work of the Chi Heng Foundation.

Esteemed speakers, including Shi Lin, director of the Beijing office, and Gao Wa, head of Beijing Volunteers, shed light on the foundation’s charitable initiatives, recruitment criteria for caring companies and volunteers, and upcoming plans for 2023.

The foundation’s comprehensive approach focuses not only on providing scholarships but also on fostering psychological development, moral education, and encouraging participation in charity activities. The organization has reached over 35,000 students.

Gao presented the foundation’s plans for 2023, outlining various charity activities and emphasizing the importance of involvement from caring companies and volunteers.

Attendees learned about the diverse ways they can contribute, including financial donations, volunteer services, and corporate partnerships. The event aimed to inspire individuals and organizations to actively participate and make a positive difference through charitable endeavors.

The Tsinghua MBA Sunshine Society and Chi Heng Foundation jointly organized the event to raise awareness and foster a sense of social responsibility. Through the transformative work of Du Cong and the foundation, neglected areas have gained attention, leading to significant improvements in education, healthcare, and environmental protection.