Tong Lihua: the law on the protection of minors should be a “hard” law, not a “soft” one

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  • Tong Lihua: the law on the protection of minors should be a “hard” law, not a “soft” one

The China Foundation of Culture and Art for Children and PhoenixNet Public Welfare recently hosted a forum on child protection in Beijing. The forum was attended by deputies of China’s “Two Sessions” to discuss the topic of chid protection, call for the establishment of a mechanism against sexual abuse of children, and facilitate the improvement of relevant laws and mechanisms.

Tong Lihua, the director of the Beijing Teenage Legal Aid and Research Center, attended the forum and delivered a speech with suggestions on how to revise the Law on the Protection of Minors.

Tong claimed that the Law should be enforced from the national strategic level through the establishment of relevant mechanisms and systems. The government and professional social organizations have to cooperate with each other to shoulder the relevant responsibilities. In addition, he suggested more funding should be invested in protecting minors.

According to Tong, the major problem of the current law on protecting minors is that it is not practical enough to solve the actual issues related to unlawful acts towards minors, but rather it is just an ethical declaration. Therefore, he affirmed the importance of revising the law to promote the legislation and the protection of minors in China.