The Two Sessions Promoted Continuous Improvement of the Environment

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  • The Two Sessions Promoted Continuous Improvement of the Environment

During this year’s Two Session, Huang Runqiu the Minister of China’s  Ministry of Ecology and Environment, addressed pressing environmental concerns.  He highlighted the progress made in environmental protection in 2023, noting  a stable improvement in air and water quality. Despite challenges such as increased pollutant emissions due to economic rebound post-COVID-19 and adverse meteorological conditions, Huang emphasized  the ministry’s commitment to tackling environmental issues.

To address concerns over falsification by third-party environmental service agencies, Huang emphasized the importance of environmental impact assessment and monitoring. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has collaborated with other government bodies in targeted campaigns against falsification, leveraging advanced monitoring technologies and legal measures to achieve notable results.

Looking ahead, Huang outlined strategies to achieve the government’s goal of continuously improving the environment. These include intensifying efforts to combat pollution, promoting green and low-carbon development, and enhancing supervision of ecological protection.