Temple fair uses creative tickets to help find missing children

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A temple fair in Henan province, northern China, has recently put itself in the spotlight by putting the photos and information of lost children on the back of its tickets. Visitors to the fair were encouraged to take photos of the tickets and share them online to help find the missing children. Staff at the temple fair explained that they had selected about 300 lost children, mostly using search platforms for missing children like Baby Come Home (宝贝回家), and have sold thousands tickets with lost child notices attached.

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Ms. Yang, who works at the temple fair, said that the children’s information had all been verified. The staff regularly contacts the parents to learn the latest news regarding the missing children, in order to update the information on the notices. If they cannot be approached directly, they will reach out to the search platforms for updates.

In addition to adding the info to the tickets, the organizers of the fair also placed a special exhibition board of 110-square meters on the road to the scenic spot to display the missing children’s information.

“We can only try our best. During this Spring Festival, we are looking for lost children. In the Qingming Festival in April, we also plan to help search for missing elderly people”, Ms. Yang told the Beijing Youth Daily. At present, staff at the fair have already begun to collect information about missing senior citizen.