Tackling violence against overseas Chinese women: impact report

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Avoice is a program focusing on fighting against violence towards overseas Chinese women. On Nov 26, the program released its first impact report, sharing its goals, intervention models, the scope of practice, and key achievements since its establishment in 2020. 


There are limited statistics on the issue of violence against overseas Chinese women. Among the very few available country case studies, one based in Boston reports that 14 percent of interviewees had been subjected to domestic violence and 42 percent said they knew at least one overseas Chinese woman suffering domestic violence.


Overseas Chinese women are neglected by the current domestic violence aid system and by the general public. On top of that, they normally lack the ability to seek professional help and do not know how to protect themselves. As minorities, overseas Chinese women are restricted from obtaining external support because culture, language and other factors make it harder to become a part of their community.


In the past two years, Avoice provided consulting services for over 1,000 women every year, 230 of whom have received sustained aid from their local community. The initiative has had an impact in 30 countries and regions across Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia. The program also set up support groups for more than 500 women.

Besides offering direct support to overseas Chinese women in need of help, Avoice also dedicates its resources to raising awareness of the issue, conducting surveys in 15 countries and completing 28 academic reports.