Shanghai sets up online platform for social organizations

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The “Shanghai online platform for social organizations”, developed by Shanghai’s Civil Affairs Bureau and Social Organizations’ Management Bureau, has become operative. The platform allows individuals and social organizations to handle 15 different transactions, including establishment of registration, alteration of registration, extension of validity and cancellation of registration.

The platform was initially completed last May, after which a function allowing online registration for foundations was piloted for four months. So far twelve applications for registration are being reviewed, and one has been completed. Shanghai has 16,000 social organizations that play an important role in promoting the development of economy and society. This reform aims at transforming government functions, optimizing the business environment and improving transparency and efficiency.

Those who want to register a social organization have to go through three processes: consultation, online preliminary investigation and examination. After this reform the first two processes can both be handled online, improving work efficiency. During each process, applicants can find out about their application and the follow-up arrangements online or by checking their mobile phones. In addition, the application materials have been simplified, meaning that some non-essential material and repeated signatures have been done away with.