Shanghai releases new guidance on charity registrations

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  • Shanghai releases new guidance on charity registrations

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs recently issued the “Interim Measures for the Recognition and Cancellation of Charitable Organizations in Shanghai”, providing guidance to local charities on how to legally register as well as clarifying the process for canceling a registration.

The interim measures will be implemented on Sept 5, and will be valid until Sept 4, 2024.

The measures serve as an essential supplement for the official “Shanghai Charity Regulations” released on Sept 28 last year, which came into force on Nov 1 according to the official website of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

The regulations established and improved the registration recognition and withdrawal system that charities should follow in Shanghai, and highlighted how an organization might have its registration canceled.

The interim measures also clarify that foundations, social groups, and social service organizations that apply for recognition as charitable organizations, and for cancelation of their charitable organization accreditation, shall simultaneously revise their articles of association and report to the registered civil affairs department for approval. An organization also needs to receive approval from its professional supervisory unit, if it has one.