Shanghai launches initiative to encourage social organizations to recruit graduates

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  • Shanghai launches initiative to encourage social organizations to recruit graduates

Shanghai’s Civil Affairs department has released a notice encouraging social organizations to employ college graduates, and laying out various supporting policies for college graduates who want to enter the charity sector.

The notice states that when social organizations, private non-enterprise units, foundations and other social organizations in the city recruit college graduates with a Shanghai hukou who are being employed for the first time and are within two years of graduation, they can apply for the social insurance subsidy if they sign a labor contract for more than a year. Shanghai will also recruit around thirty assistants to the directors of the Social Organization Service Centers of towns and subdistricts among college students and postgraduates majoring in social work and sociology. After completion of a half-year probation, they will be recommended to work at social organization service centers at all levels.

The notice also offers support for college graduates who want to engage in entrepreneurship in the charity sector, stating that various social organization incubators and platforms for social organizations in Shanghai will provide counselling and resources for charitable entrepreneurship by students. The Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau will also work with the Shanghai Employment Promotion Center to select a batch of eligible social organizations in the city, and set up a job placement base for entrepreneurs and a business practice base. Qualified college graduates may carry out employment and entrepreneurship training for up to twelve months at a training base recognized by the city of Shanghai.