Shanghai community develops checklist to help protect children

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  • Shanghai community develops checklist to help protect children

A community in Shanghai’s Hongqiao town published a Risk Identification Checklist for Minors in early November, the first checklist of its kind to be published in the city.

According to official records, there are currently 8,320 minors in the Hongqiao community, accounting for 12.1 percent of its resident population. With the new checklist, community workers can accurately identify the risks and hidden dangers that children might encounter, allowing officials to intervene promptly.

In the past, home visits and reporting were the primary sources for identifying the various problems encountered by minors. However, limited communication during visits has resulted in delayed detection and intervention.

The checklist, therefore, provides more detailed references and descriptions of family-induced risks so that community workers can easily find out the problems caused by poor parenting and family relationships that impact the well-being of adolescents.

On spotting a risk, community workers will obtain the basic information about the minor from official departments and contact his or her guardians to verify the situation. If needed, third-party organizations will be brought in to provide professional counselling and support for the child. Meanwhile, community workers will establish a file for each at-risk child and conduct follow-up visits while offering psychological support.