Sending personalized donation feedback: why and how?

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Ai You Foundation operates a charitable project which helps children with birth defects and serious illnesses from poor families on the Tencent Charity Platform. 


In May 2022 the project launched a user function enabling regular personalized donation feedback to be sent to people who have donated to the project, with each piece of feedback listing which child was helped, their specific condition and their treatment progress.


Over the past decade, Ai You has been promoting the development of digital platforms. In 2006, it started to build an information-sharing platform and has since continued to iterate its online system. 


In 2018, it took the lead in using blockchain and advanced data technology to manage rescue information and donor feedback in a refined manner. Ai You aims to be an innovative digital pioneer for the sector.


How to send personalized feedback to donors?


In 2021, the management and technical teams of Ai You and Tencent started discussions on how to provide more personalized and refined donation feedback. The focus of the discussions was on how to connect the existing data platforms of both parties.


Luckily, with Ai You’s years of experience with digitalization, it has already realized data alignment for project operation, financial records and donor management and launched a WeChat mini program where people can find information about every donation the foundation has received.


This practice of Ai You laid the foundation for connecting the databases of the two platforms. On receiving a donation, Ai You can match the order number from Tencent’s platform to a specific beneficiary in its data platform and then send information about the beneficiary back to Tencent — who will then send this feedback to the donor.


What has Ai You done right?


Digital development has always been a focus of Ai You, and it stems from the foundation’s values of openness and transparency. 


For the management of the foundation and the development of its projects, Ai You ensures that it has quantifiable goals, monitorable processes, measurable results, and sustainable effects.


At present, the foundation’s technical strength comes from the combined efforts of its technical team and external forces, as well as the efforts of Ai You’s other teams. The foundation utilizes big data, blockchain and other technologies to digitally manage operation, donation, and financial data, and uses digital technology to empower charitable projects.


How to promote transparency in the sector?


With the rise of online fundraising, donors are increasingly keen to know exactly how their donation is being used. The demands of donors and the functions that online platforms can provide are superimposed to encourage charities to be more open and transparent, and also require charitable organizations to make donation management more detailed and in-depth.