Seminars examine China’s social governance ambitions

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Beijing Zhicheng Society for the Promotion of Zhongfu, a local organization aiming to support NGOs (or social organizations in the Chinese context) through multi-faceted resources, hosted a seminar series titled “NGO Development in Beijing in the New Era”, from Nov 15 to 23.

The seminars took place against the backdrop of the goal set by the 20th Party Congress of building a strong social governance system with the active participation of every citizen and a large number of NGOs.

Experts from over 100 organizations, including the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Institute of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the seminars in person or by dialing in.

The series consisted of five sessions, focusing respectively on building the social credit system, digitalization, foundation participation, member development and services, as well as circulating feedback from NGOs.