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New style of urbanization must not overlook the construction of civil society
新型城镇化 不能忽略了公民社会建设

By Sun Yong (孙勇), Securities Times (证券时报), February 1, 2013

The author argues that new urbanization plans must take into account the development of a space for civil society. Sun explains that contemporary plans take an economic approach to urbanization, while overlooking the political angle. He clarifies that by “civil society,” he refers to a space between government and individuals, occupied by independent organizations such as social organizations, NGOs, community organizations, and labor unions, in order to assist the complex process of urbanization. Using the example of migrant workers, the author points out that the current approach is to appeal to the media, a method which can stir up controversy and threaten social stability. He argues that with organizations to represent these groups, disputes could be settled more easily and workers would learn about rights protection.

Summary by Amanda Brown-Inz. See Article for full text. (Chinese)

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