Representatives of Chinese foundations take exchange trip to Europe

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  • Representatives of Chinese foundations take exchange trip to Europe

On June 10, a group of high representatives of Chinese foundations began an official ten-day visit of Germany and Belgium. The exchange group, which received the support of Germany’s Mercator Foundation, was made up of nine high representatives from the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, the Shenzhen One Foundation, the Beijing Yongyou Foundation, the Shanghai United Foundation, the Beijing Longway Foundation, the SEE Foundation, the Shenzhen Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology Foundation, the Shanghai Yicai Foundation, and the China Foundation Forum, as well as professor Liu Peifeng from the law school of Beijing Normal University.

During the visit, the group held discussions with local foundations and organizations, including the Robert Bosch Foundation, the New Responsibility Foundation, the Berlin Community Foundation, Mercator, the Customs Union Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation and the 4WINGS Foundation. The in-depth discussions, focused on the management of foundations and ecological construction, provided an opportunity for Chinese and European foundations to better understand each other and get inspired by new thoughts. The group also visited the Association of German Foundations, the German Foundation Institute, the German Foundation Center, the European Foundation Center and other foundation-supporting platforms.

Making use of this opportunity, Chinese foundations were able to learn from European foundations’ experience and successful methods, while also promoting Chinese foundations’ practices and enhancing Europe’s understanding of China.