Report shows growing importance of CSR

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Launched by GIZ, Syn Tao and China Credit Information Service (CCIS) in 2006, CCM CSR Promotion Center (CCM) was one of the first platforms designed to foster the private sector’s fulfillment of social responsibility.

Since 2014, the Center has carried out the CSR Manager Career Development Survey every year, providing data for CSR practitioners and information support for personnel training and the related work of enterprises. Last September, the center conducted the 2021 survey, and recently released the related report.

The 2021 survey showed a significant increase in participation by CSR managers from domestic private companies, reaching 42 percent, as well as those from foreign companies, accounting for 28 percent.

Eighty percent of CSR managers have an annual income of more than 150,000 yuan ($23,500), an increase of 4 percent over last year, which may reflect the gradual impact of the private sector on the CSR field.

Despite this, nearly half of those surveyed complained about the lack of understanding and support from company management.

Nearly two thirds of companies have formulated or are formulating carbon neutrality goals and related plans; more than one third have issued or are preparing for the launch of a special plan for common prosperity.

UN SDGs are also important CSR topics highly valued by firms, such as: SDG1 – no poverty (32 percent), SDG3 – good health and well-being (35 percent), and SDG4 – quality education (48 percent).

Although cooperation with NGOs is still the main way that companies meet their CSR responsibilities, 65 percent of CSR managers believe that NGOs lack in-depth understanding of companies’ needs; 49 percent believe that NGOs do not understand commercial issues; and 24 percent see significant communication barriers between the two parties.

The report stated the necessity for CSR managers to not only have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of sustainable development, but to also understand corporate strategy, and have the ability to communicate across departments both internally and externally.

It also pointed out the expanding market demand for CSR professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds and rich work experience.