Report on transgender students: more than half have experienced school bullying

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The Guangzhou Gender and Sexuality Education Center has released a report on the educational environment for transgender students, and on the issues related to transgender people changing the gender displayed on their identity cards and on their degree certificates. In the report, which is based on 128 valid questionnaires, it is found that transgender youngsters are confronted with great pressure and bullying at school, and more than half of them have experienced school bullying to various degrees. Moreover, transgender people face systematic discrimination when they hope to change the gender stated on official documents.

More than 50% of transgender students report having experienced school bullying, and even group violence. Verbal insults and isolation remain the most common forms of maltreatment. Physical bullying also occurs, consisting of intimidation, pushing and fighting, and acts of collective abuse and assault.

The investigation found that transgenders as a group face sever problems in education. 14.84% of those surveyed had considered dropping out of school or suspending their education, while 7.03% were required to drop out or defer their studies by their school or their parents.

Respondents who had had sex-changing surgeries were asked whether they had applied to modify the gender on their ID cards or their degree certificates. 33 respondents replied to this question, out of which nine had been successful when applying to the department concerned, such as the local police station or school. More than half of respondents claimed to be worried regarding the issue of changing the gender on their official identity card or educational certificate after undergoing surgery.