Qinghai’s charity sector witnesses rapid growth

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  • Qinghai’s charity sector witnesses rapid growth

In the first quarter of 2023, Qinghai Province made considerable progress in developing its charity sector, cultivating charitable organizations, channeling donations, and improving accountability and transparency.

Various charities across Qinghai rolled out diverse initiatives, ranging from supporting inclusive education and helping children with congenital heart disease to establishing scholarship funds for underprivileged college students.

As of March 31, the province’s charities received in-kind donations worth over 12 million yuan ($1.7 million). A total of 46 million yuan went into fields such as poverty alleviation, environmental protection, child welfare, and elderly services.

Currently, Qinghai’s government is speeding up the building of a charity information management platform. The platform will provide comprehensive data on charitable donations for public reporting, inquiries, and statistics. Donors can contribute and monitor the progress of initiatives at any time.