Plan announced to protect minors, prevent domestic violence

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China’s Ministry of Public Security issued the Three-Year Action Plan for Strengthening Police Stations in the New Era (2023-2025) in March. The plan emphasizes two aspects that NGOs in China are concerned about. One is the protection of minors, and the other is domestic violence.


According to the action plan, the public security system should enhance its protection of people under 18 and its intervention in unethical and illegal behaviors among teenagers. 


At the end of 2022, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to ask schools to establish a new management position titled “deputy headmaster for the rule of law”. Professionals in the legal arena such as judges, prosecutors, and police officers can be selected for the position, and they will be expected to promote legal awareness among students.


With the measure already in place, the action plan asks public security bureaus to actively select officials to become deputy headmasters to promote the rule of law on campus and conduct regular legal awareness promotion, safety education, and crime-prevention education in schools.


In terms of preventing domestic violence, the action plan also requires the police to conduct timely intervention in family disputes and prevent escalation.