Overseas NGOs register in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong

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Three overseas NGOs recently registered in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong provinces.

In Tianjin the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB recently issued registration credentials and chief representative certificates to the Philip Hayden Foundation. As has become the norm a celebratory event was held, at which the chief representative of the Foundation thanked the office and stated that the foundation would carry out its activities strictly in accordance with the law and passionately contribute to the development of charity in Tianjin.

In Liaoning, it was the Canada China Agriculture Friendship Society that successfully registered its representative office. The chief of the organization’s headquarters, Mr. Yu Yiran, presented a banner to thank the PSB for their warm and efficient services and stated that his association would keep working on technical communication and cooperation in the agricultural field between Canada and China.

In Shandong, the representative office of the World Association of Chinese Doctors (Macau) in Qingdao was awarded its registration credentials. The chief representative Ms. Shi Liying thanked the office for their high-quality services and said that the association would carry out its activities in Shandong in accordance with the law.