Overseas NGOs continue to register new representative offices in China

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In spite of the  COVID-19 pandemic, over the last few months the overseas NGOs management offices of China’s local public security bureaus have been hard at work, enabling more overseas NGOs to register representative offices in China. This week two overseas NGOs registered new provincial offices.

In Hainan, the provincial Public Security Bureau issued a registration certificate a few days ago to the Hainan representative office of the European-Chinese OBOR Culture and Tourism Development Committee, based in Belgium (OBOR stands for the “One Belt One Road” initiative). After the ceremony the two parties held a symposium, during which the director of the PSB’s overseas NGO office congratulated the NGO and presented the requirements for carrying out activities “in an orderly manner according to law”. A representative of the NGO said that the project activities will be carried out in strict accordance with the law, and will introduce new European concepts, technologies and experiences to Hainan to promote the integration of Hainan’s culture and tourism.

Meanwhile the administrative office for ONGOs of Yunnan’s provincial Public Security Department, together with the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission, recently issued a registration certificate to the Yunnan Representative Office of the Children’s Medical and Health Foundation, based in Hong Kong. The foundation had already registered an office in Sichuan in 2018. Its chief representative, Ms. Liu Liangru, expressed her gratitude and stated that she will strictly abide by the laws and regulations and cooperate with the public security agencies at all levels.

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