Ninth 99 Giving Day rewards long-time participants

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  • Ninth 99 Giving Day rewards long-time participants

Since Tencent first launched China’s first internet charity day, 99 Giving Day, millions of internet users have been persuaded to part with their cash for charitable causes. But what’s in store for people taking part in this year’s 99 Giving Day?

This year Tencent plans to highlight the “user-centered” idea, and users who have participated in the initiative in previous years will receive special incentives. The organizer also launched the “2023 Annual Industry Subsidy Program” and increased the annual subsidy ratio. The platform is encouraging charity organizations to participate in short videos and live broadcasts, helping small and medium-sized organizations gain more exposure.

And the company plans to contribute more to charitable causes throughout the year, in addition to its commitments for 99 Giving Day.

In the view of Ge Yan, secretary-general of Tencent Foundation, their latest vision is to “build a user preferred and trusted digital public welfare service platform”, meaning they want to put their “users” at the center.

For example, during last year’s 99 Giving Day, users that received a large number of donations got more matching donations from Tencent than ordinary users for the same amount of donations during the charity initiative. And the longer the user participated in daily charitable activities on the Tencent platform, the higher the amount of matching donations he or she would get.

This year marks the ninth year of 99 Giving Day – and for users who have participated for the past eight years, Tencent Public Welfare will make an additional donation of 99.99 yuan ($13.75) when they make any donation on Sept 9 this year. It is also said that long-term users who participate in the initiative will get a higher matching donation ratio.