NGOs will be able to participate in rural revitalization

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The State Council of China recently released the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization in 2023, reemphasizing the significance of rural revitalization in the country’s drive toward modernization. 


The Opinions identify new areas and opportunities for NGOs to participate in the process of rural revitalization.


First, NGOs can play a role in consolidating the progress of poverty eradication, by supporting local economic development and connecting resources in eastern China with the west of the country.


As Zheng Yijing secretary-general of Shanghai United Foundation put it, NGOs have accumulated rich experience and resources to fully mobilize rural residents, support different aspects of rural development, and design pragmatic and sustainable projects.


Second, NGOs can support high-quality industrial development in rural areas, from supporting entrepreneurship initiatives to building e-commerce channels for farmers. 


Third, NGOs can get involved in the construction of rural environments, from protecting rural ecology and building new infrastructure to promoting education and healthcare and improving the conditions of women, children and the elderly.


Last but not least, NGOs are an important force in establishing rural governance. For example, they have the capacity to organize events and training for local people to promote legal awareness and moral standards.