NGOs in Beijing: a decade in review

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The Social Organization Management Center (SOMC) of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau (BCAB) held the opening ceremony of the 2nd Beijing Social Organization Promotion Event on Sept 28. (NGOs are known locally as “social organizations”).

Releasing a series of official statistics, SOMC highlighted the development of this sector in Beijing over the past decade:

  • The number of social organizations officially registered with BCAB has increased from 7,965 in 2012, to 12,700 at present, with a growth rate of nearly 60 percent ;
  • The number of community-based social organizations that filed their activities with BCAB nearly quadrupled from 14,594 to 71,325 ;
  • The total registered assets of social organizations now exceeds 100 billion yuan ($14 billion) ;
  • The number of employees has increased from 145,000 a decade ago to 213,900 today.

Beijing’s social organizations also participated in various government development plans and events:

  • Nearly 3,000 participated in the national poverty alleviation plan, with more than 3,500 projects implemented and a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan;
  • More than 300 of them participated in the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, involving total investment of 170 million yuan ;
  • 160 of them provided services for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games.

Emergency response is another major area in which social organizations in the capital contributed a lot, including but not limited to:

  • More than 1.66 billion yuan in funds and materials donated to support the fight against COVID during the past few years ;
  • 670 million yuan and 415,000 items donated to flood-stricken areas of Henan in 2021 ;
  • More than 15 million yuan donated this year to the earthquake-stricken areas of Luding, Sichuan Province.