NGOs assist MU5735 search and rescue effort

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When flight MU5735 crashed in Wuzhou, Guangxi, on March 21, rescue teams from NGOs and private companies rushed to the site to participate in the search for victims.

Due to poor weather and the complex terrain of the local mountainous area, only a few well-trained teams managed to reach the core crash site together with the fire brigade. Others provided assistance and logistical support on the periphery.

Drones and high-altitude lighting equipment were brought by Blue Sky rescuers from nearby cities, and volunteer groups from technology firms such as Aixliu and Feiyu provided high-precision detection equipment, lighting, positioning, and other support to assist search and rescue efforts.

Mo Rihua, the captain of the Guilin Blue Sky Rescue Team, told reporters that their rescuers were always prepared and well equipped for such operations, and that his team had set off right after receiving the notification from the emergency management department that afternoon, arriving at the meeting point at 6 p.m.

They were the first to arrive at the location and were followed by teams from private companies and other humanitarian organizations, such as Guangxi Aisinh Medical Emergency Rescue Service Center. Using drones to explore the disaster area, they provided aerial support to firefighters.

Wang Xiuzhi, head of the UAV business department at Feiyu, said that the lighting area provided by a high-altitude lighting device, with a lift-off height of 50 meters, can reach the size of a football field, assisting searches carried out in rainy weather and at night.

By the end of March, many civil teams had returned to their original locations to rest, with the National Emergency Response Headquarters continuing the work.