NGO works on building zero-waste communities

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The SEE Foundation with a partner organization hosted an event focusing on zero waste lifestyles in Beijing on May 12, calling on local residents to make small changes for a big impact.


Since 2012, the SEE Foundation has been committed to reducing the amount of household waste in China, reducing the pollution and environmental damage caused by household waste, and achieving a zero-waste society with broad public participation in waste reduction and management. 


At the event, attendees from the Beijing Municipal Government, local universities, NGOs, and companies visited a zero-waste garden run by community residents. The garden is a vivid example of how everyone can participate in recycling and reduce the amount of waste they produce.


According to the World Bank, more than 2 billion tons of household waste are produced globally every year, making it clear that environmental protection is still one of the most imminent issues facing the world today.


Governments around the globe are pushing for a zero-waste strategy and more and more people are also becoming interested in zero-waste lifestyles. In the future, the SEE Foundation will continue to expand its impact beyond communities to office buildings and schools, aiming to build a truly environmental-friendly society.